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All of the flags shown below are available for sale and can be made in ABU, ACU, Digital Desert, Digital Woodland, Multicam, 3 Color Desert, Woodland, Khaki, OD, and Black.

Flags are $7.00 each with hook and loop or $6.00 each plain

Email to order

or call 817-293-6842


MultiCam Fabric is manufactured by CRYE ASSOCIATES  ®

MultiCam US Flag

All US Flags can be reversed

Digital Woodland US Flags

Digital Desert US Flag

US Flags are 3", 3.25" or 4"

US Desert

US Desert Subdued

US Flag One Color

ACU US Flag Reversed


Liberty or Death

Christian Flag - Foliage

Captain Scott's Flag

1st Nat'l Confederate Flag

Nyberg Flag in Multicam

Washington, DC - OD

Dallas, TX in Multicam

Fort Worth, TX in Multicam

Zavala Flag

Scots Lion Rampant

The Gadsden Flag in MultiCam

Actual Size 2.01" by 3.15"

1st Navy Jack Digital Woodland images/US flag 3 wide flat desert.jpg

Actual size 2.34" by 3.65

1st Navy Jack Digital Desert

Actual size 2.34" by 3.65"

Betsy Ross Flag

Actual size 2.09" by 3.26"

Serapis in ACU

Actual size 2.24 " by 3.07"

The Gonzalez Flag in ACU

Actual Size 2.06" by 3.14"

New Orleans Multicam

Actual size 2" by 3"

Magnolia Multicam

Actual size 2" by 3"

Republic of VT OD

The Bonnie Blue Flag

Actual size 2.24" by 3.36"

1st CSA Multicam

Actual Size 3.24" by 2.13"

Chicago Multicam

Actual size 2.22" by 3.27"

All Flags

$6.00 plain or $7.00 with Hook and Loop


Call 817-293-6842 from 9 to 5 Central Time Monday thru Friday or email

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