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All of the flags shown below are examples. They can be done in Desert or Woodland colors. Where possible, any camouflage fabric can be used as one of the colors in the design.

email or call 817-293-6842

All State Flag Patches are $6.00 with no backing or $7.00 with hook and loop backing

Alabama Multicam

Alaska ACU

Arizona MultiCam

Arizona ACU

Arkansas Desert

Arkansas ACU

American Samoa

California Desert California Multicam
Colorado Multicam Connecticut Multicam

Delaware Multicam

Florida Multicam

Georgia Multicam


Hawaii Kanaka Maoli

Hawaii Multicam

Hawaii Desert

Hawaii Multicam

Idaho Multicam

Illinois Desert

Indiana Multicam

Iowa Desert

Kansas Multicam

Kentucky Tan

Louisiana Desert images/Aussie flag 3x-e2 desert.jpg

Louisiana Multicam
Maine Multicam
Maryland Foliage Massachusetts Desert
Michigan Multicam Minnesota Multicam Minnesota ACU

Missouri Multicam

Mississippi Multicam
Montana Multicam
Nebraska Woodland Nevada Desert New Hampshire ACU
New Hampshire Multicam New Jersey Digital Desert New Jersey Digital Woodland

New Mexico ACU

New York OD

No Carolina Digital Woodland

No Dakota Woodland

Northern Marianas Ohio 3 Color Desert

Oklahoma 1911

Oklahoma 3 Color Desert  

Oregon ACU

Pennsylvania Desert

Puerto Rico Multicam

Rhode Island Multicam

So Carolina 3 Color Desert

South Dakota Multicam

Tennessee Desert Texas Multicam Version 1 Texas ACU Version 2

UT Multicam

Virginia Desert

Virginia Multicam

Vermont OD

Washington Digital Desert Washington Multicam
West Virginia Multicam Wisconsin Multicam Wyoming on OD

Call 817-293-6842 from 9 to 5 Central Time Monday thru Friday or email

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